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Chrissy Johnson's Profile...

  • How It Started: I started watching the WWE back during the attitude era when a couple of friends from school told me about it. I was instantly hooked after seeing Chyna on TV, and then, at a later date, Trish and Lita showing that no matter what you looked like you could be just as tough as the guys. Watching them work in the ring amazed me and from then I knew that this is what I had to do!
  • Gimmick: I refer to myself as "The Princess". I'm the one that no one suspects will cheat. But I do what I want, when I want to do it!
  • Gear: I have a pair of black and pink pleather pants with a matching top. Black and pink are my signature colors and I'm always sure to represent them when I'm in the ring.
  • Biggest Allies: Autumn Breeze; Sean and Blake Haze; Tuck Hanson; Brian Beniot.
  • Most-Hated Enemies: Rebecca Payne; Sega; Diamond City Hooligans.
  • Career Highlight: My comeback match in Feburary 2008 tops it! I had been out of the game for a while and when I came out from the locker room in front of a sold out crowd in Mt.Carmel, it was fantastic! Also, it was great when I got to work in front of my hometown in January 2007.
  • Favorite Wrestlers: CM Punk; Colt Cabana; Trish Stratus; Lita; Triple H; Daizee Haze; Lacey; Shawn Micheals; Candice Michelle; Victoria. Oh wow, I just have so many!
  • Wrestling Ambition: I would love to work for SHIMMER someday. And just like everyone else, I would love to make it to TNA or WWE. But I would be happy staying where I'm at permanently! Also, I would like to win a belt this year.

Chrissy Johnson's Personal Notes...

I'm definitely an animal lover at heart. I volunteer with a local pet service/hospice and I love it! It's my motivation and it makes me feel like I'm doing something great in my life! It's also caused me to look into starting my own cat rescue in the future. More on that eventually!.....I also love modeling. Just something about it fascinates me and I love being in front of a camera. I guess you could say I'm a photo whore!.....I love to make people laugh and I'm always goofing around. I'm almost never serious.....I guess there's just so much to say and not enough space! Anything you want to know, just ask. I have no problem answering questions!

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