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Dear Mr. Antone:
On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your e-mail. The President appreciates hearing
your views and welcomes your suggestions.
President Bush believes that this is a time of responsibility, resolve, and great progress for our
country. As he has said, our Nation has confronted great challenges, and we are meeting the
tests of our time with focus, clarity, and courage.
Since taking office, the Administration has taken important steps to protect our homeland,
respond to the threats of terrorism, and strengthen our economy. The President has also
signed historic reforms that are helping to transform both education and Medicare.
Today, President Bush continues to work to build a society where all our citizens can realize
the promise of America. He is also working to expand peace and freedom overseas, for the
security of the American people and for the benefit of the world.
As the President works to accomplish these goals, he welcomes the views and concerns of all
Americans. Thank you again for taking the time to share your ideas.
Desiree Thompson
Special Assistant to the President
and Director of Presidential Correspondence