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Have you ever phoned up a celebrity?
Probably not - you no doubt imagine that phoning a celebrity is very difficult.

Well I have news for you: it is!
Celebrities, like most people in the world, own telephones. And most of them answer the telephone when it rings.
The trick is being the person who is on the other end of the ring - a task only achievable by discovering the phone number of the celebrity.

And that's the hard part. Celebrities gaurd their privacy like a dog with a surloin steak. Or like a horse with a bag of Golden Delicious apples. Or like an otter with a whatever otters keep their food in full of whatever food otters really like.

The holder of the WOW for the most celebrity telephone messages - Jason Antone must therefore be applauded.

However, you'll applaud even harder, faster and louder when you discover this additional fact:
Mr Antone didn't call the celebrities: The celebrities called him!

So far, eighty-eight (88) have left messages. They include Carrie Fisher and Zach Galifianakis!

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